Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Jón Páll Halldórsson, I´m Icelandic but currently reside in Barcelona, Spain. I´ve been doodling and drawing professionally for about 20 years. I started out as a tattoo artist, then I was off to school to study classical animation. After school I worked on designs for video games and TV.  Tattoos got the better of me finally and I got back into it... but since doing the same thing year after year  calls for new projects. I embarked on the task of drawing a comic book series, so today it´s all about comics and tattoos... a lot of black ink!

On this site you´ll see a sample of what I´ve been working on, some things older and other that are a bit more recent. I hope you´ll enjoy... If for any reason you want to get a hold of me: jonpall74@gmail.com

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